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The Magic City

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet a Living Myth

This is being posted contemporaneously on this site and the Romance Magicians blog.  Please post any comments on the Romance Magicians blog.

The Romance Magicians blog has been honored with a rare look into the world of the Latter Day-Olympians. Normally the Goddities website (a scandal sheet of the modern day doings of Greek gods) is closed to mere mortals, such as ourselves.  However, since some of their secrets are going to be made public on June 28 in Lucienne Diver's new release Bad Blood, the Goddities web-mistress, Yiayia, has graciously agreed to share her interview with her granddaughter Tori, the heroine of Bad Blood. I want to thank Yiayia (and Lucienne Diver who brokered the deal) for sharing this interview.


Today I’m talking with my granddaughter, who has recently been linked to certain strange events in L.A.  She’s asked me to keep her name out of this and, as you know, I am ever discreet.  (But if you read the Hollywood rags, I’m sure you can glean a thing or two.)  Without further ado, I’m pleased to introduce my highly successful, very beautiful granddaughter, who is absolutely the first person you’ll want to call for all your private investigation needs. 

Anipsi, thank you for talking with us today.  (Anipsi means niece for those of you playing along at home.  See, already I am protecting her identity.)

You blackmailed me into it.

Nonetheless, you agreed, and I thank you.

Don’t mention it.  I mean that really and truly.

So, it is my understanding that you didn’t believe the family stories about how our line descended from the god Pan beer-goggling one of the gorgons.

Well, can you blame me?

Would you please tell me how all of that changed?

In retrospect, your beard should have been a dead giveaway.  And cousin Tina’s really aggressive underbite.  Anyway, you know all this, but for your readers, it all changed the day I actually witnessed someone being torn apart by a thing that looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  And lest you think I was just on a bad trip or had wandered onto a film set—hey, this is L.A.—the police found piscine D&A in her wounds.  I’m saying…something was definitely fishy. 

And you are on the case, consulting with the police?

Some would call it consulting.  Others might say “brought in for questioning.”

Psshaw, as if that hot cop you’ve been mooning over would let anything happen to you.  I bet he just wanted to get you alone in an interrogation room.


Okay, okay, I move on.  Is there any truth to the rumors that you and a certain Greek god turned Hollywood hottie have been burning up the sheets.


What?  I was married.  I know all about the sex.  And your grandfather wasn’t the only wild oat I had to sow.

That’s it, I’m out.  I am not talking about my love life.

Such as it is. 

Well, there you have it folks, it’s a story as classic as the ages…murder, mayhem, sex and scandal in La La Land.  Tune in next week when we’ve got an actual demi-god here to talk about the rumored rise of the the old gods.  What will it mean for you?

Read more about Yiayia and her niece Tori Karacis in:
Bad Blood, first novel of the Latter-Day Olympians
Available digitally June 28, 2011, print in 2012

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nook v. Kindle

Consumer Reports announced that the Nook has taken over the Kindle in the reader ratings (here is the link to the story:  As an owner of a Nook Color and Kindle, it is a hard call between the two.  I love the battery life of my Kindle, but the color screen and browsing functions of my Nook Color make it my most used e-reader.  While Amazon offers more books for the Kindle, the Free Fridays for the Nook have stolen my heart.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Web Resources for Showing Emotion in Your Writing

Last week I blogged about bruises on my forehead resulting from my frustration over how to show the emotions of my characters.  In response, I received several emails suggesting great resources, and I wanted to share those here:

Do you have any great sites or blog posts I should add to this list?

Also, for anyone within driving distance of Birmingham, Alabama who has an interest in working on showing emotion in their writing, Margie Lawson will be conducting a one day workshop sponsored by the Southern Magic RWA chapter at the Homewood Public Library on July 23. For more information, go to Southern Magic's website.