The Magic City

The Magic City

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Too much travel makes a girl weary. And I am beat.  But I finally came to the realization as to why I need to get a Nook or Kindle.

Last week I flew to Rhode Island for a deposition. The flights weren't too long, but the layovers were. I packed three books to take with me (I'm a fast reader). I polished off two books with the flight up and first night in the hotel. Work occupied enough of my time, that I didn't crack open the third book until I arrived at the airport for the flight home.

Did I mention I arrived at the airport about five hours before my flight was scheduled to leave? (Work was done, and I hoped I could charm my way onto an earlier flight). I tore through book three, polishing it off before I hit my three hour layover in Charlotte.  I needed another book. I really didn't want to offer up my kidney to the airport bookstore in exchange for more reading material seeing as how I'd given them other organs for a Diet Coke and Twizzlers.

I totally understand the wisdom behind an E-reader now. If I'd had a Nook or Kindle, I would have had a huge library at my disposal and/or could have quickly bought another book.  No, this is not a commercial (although if the good people at Amazon or Barnes and Noble want to send me anything, I wouldn't refuse it), just an observation based on my personal experience.

So, in an effort to procrastinate starting on the book I just outlined, I will be doing internet research today comparing the Nook and Kindle.  All input and comments are welcome!


  1. My eldest compared those two plus several others (before iPad came out) and decided on Sony's. She loves it.

    I'm hoping to drop enough hints for either an iPad or money to pay half of one. I want one so baaaaad.

  2. I have played with the iPad a few times, and really liked it. Although, i think I might be too scared to travel with it for fear of dropping and breaking it somewhere (coordinated, I am not). But, the screen is amazing. I've been playing with the Nook and Kindle apps on my computer. I can't tell too much of a difference.

  3. I've had 2 kindles since they came out (lost the first one in our house fire and the ins. co. replaced it) and love them. Set up your Amazon account (I already had a one-click one) and buy right from your Kindle and it's downloaded in seconds. Always have books available. There are lots of free books, too, contemporary as well as classics.
    I also send my own work from my computer to my Kindle via Amazon and they format it and send it to my kindle for 15 cents. LOL. Great for working away from home.
    No monthly fees or internet charges. I've hardly bought any hard copies of books since I got it. Love it, love it, Love it!
    Edna Curry,

  4. I got a Nook Color for Christmas and love it. Now, I want a Kindle too.