The Magic City

The Magic City

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fighting Trial Fatigue

I have had four trials in the last ten weeks. That is a lot, if you are wondering. Too many, if you ask me.    Needless to say, writing (other than the legal kind) had to be put on pause while I kicked a little legal tail.

Thankfully, last week's Southern Magic Readers' Luncheon energized me. Being around that many writers and readers reminded me there is time to be found where I can write. I just have to be aggressive about hunting it down and defending it.  So, rather than give you a long blog post about the event, I am going to return to writing, but will leave you with the best goodie from the luncheon:  I met JEANIENE FROST!!!!!! I was able to stop hyperventilating long enough to post this pic:

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