The Magic City

The Magic City

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Be Still, My Golden Heart

Depositions suck. Thursday morning, I prepared for a second day of depositions in a nasty sexual harassment case. Exhibits littered my desk. Room temperature coffee fueled my marginal functionality. I couldn't find the video I needed that showed the creepy old man manager busting in on my client in the restroom. Cranky. That was me.

My cell phone rang. The sound of a ringing phone, especially my cell, elicits a negative Pavlovian response. Assuming it was a client who wanted to bypass my assistant, my hello didn't embrace the Southern hospitality that it should've. 

And then my day went from combative to celebratory.  I found out I was a 2015 Golden Heart® finalist.

The Golden Heart is the big-mama of writing contests for unpublished authors.  Sponsored by the Romance Writers of America©, the contest accepts approximately 1,200 manuscripts in eight genre categories, and the final round is judged by acquiring editors from publishing houses.  To paraphrase Ron Burgundy, it is kind of a big deal.

Keep your fingers crossed.  Magic City, the manuscript that I entered, was the first book I wrote.  The first book I completed (well, much like the Winchester Mystery House, for about two years it was the source of constant tinkering). Since finishing it, I have worked on to two other manuscripts (a political thriller and another urban fantasy).  I am humbled that others found Magic City special enough to allow me the honor and privilege to join so many wonderful authors as a Golden Heart finalist (click here to see all the fantastic ladies who are finalists).  

Now enough of that seriousness.  Here is something fun:


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