The Magic City

The Magic City

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Writing is Good Writing

I heart Aaron Sorkin. Don't worry, my husband is aware of my border-line obsession. Why do I adore Aaron Sorkin? Because I love his writing.

The Social Network. Charlie Wilson's War. The West Wing. A Few Good Men.  I could go on. If Aaron Sorkin wrote a screenplay based on the Birmingham, Alabama phone book, not only would I buy tickets for the film now, I would be absolutely confident it would be fantastic.

In analyzing the weaknesses in my writing, I've been trying to study the writers who hook me immediately.  I realized in doing this, my favorite writer isn't a novelist. It's Aaron Sorkin. His gift for characterization through dialogue is stunning.  It takes me pages, on my best day, to develop a character and give him/her a distinctive voice.  The more I break down scenes written by Aaron Sorkin, the more I'm in awe.  Drama. Humor. Humanity.  All come through in each line.  His characters are living, breathing, and multi-dimensional - all from the moment they utter their first word. Damn good writing. 

Good writing is good writing, whether it is a script, a novel, or a press release.  Write on Mr. Sorkin, and please make it fast.  I'm nearing the end of my quarterly West Wing marathon, and my Gilbert & Sullivan CD is almost worn out.

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