The Magic City

The Magic City

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wine Down Wednesday

Glory hallelujah! Finally, science has proven it is good for something.  A recent study shows alcohol may boost creativity.  Therefore, I raise a glass in celebration and roll out my version of Wine Down Wednesdays.

Members of my local RWA chapter join me frequently in extolling the virtues of the grape (right, Christine? Mary? Lexi? Anyone?).  Personally, I am a fan of champagne. A day without champagne is stupid. Period. End of discussion. But in a pinch, I can go for a good red. Or white. Or box o' wine. Just hand me the damn glass, okay?

Each Wednesday, I am going to talk about a recent "Wine Find." This is my mission - to find a good cheap wine. There isn't much sport in finding a good wine that is pricey. If I am paying more for a bottle of wine than it costs for me to fill up my tank with gas, it better be amazing. However, finding that elusive $5-$15 bottle that blows your mind poses my kind of challenge.  This weeks's selection is . . .

Cristalino Brut Cava

The Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava is a great find.  I am uncomfortable unless there are at least two bottles of this Spanish sparkling wine in my fridge.  The price point is just right.  Depending on where you shop, you can find it anywhere from $6.50 a bottle to $9.99.  It is a dry, crisp sparkling wine with hints of citrus.  It works well for making mimosas, but can stand alone.  I may have been known to call this "writing juice" on more than one occasion.

Have you tried this wine? What were your thoughts? Any suggestions for future wines to discuss?


  1. Cheapest wine I've found by the bottle that is half way decent for daily schleping is THREE WISHES CABERNET at WHOLE FOODS. I stop in and get two cases of it when I am in Southern Magic territory. I also like OLD WINE ZINFANDEL by BOTA in the box. Frankly, with Congress threatening Sequestration, I consider this my Depression Era wine LOL.

  2. Oooh, this sounds lovely. I'm not always a fan of sparkling, but lets face it --this sounds like something to put on the list.

    I have a few to throw in there: Shiraz by Barefoot, Cabernet by Oakleaf (ok, so I'm pushing it there). I'll let you know as I find some we can discuss. :) Love this idea!

  3. This sounds really fun. I like this sport too :-)

    I'm addicted to the sixpack at Safeway, where you get %10 off. But lately I've been splurging on the bottles that start in the $20s and wind down to under $15 when you buy 6, and I like red.

    I did Wine on Wednesday back in December to prepare for the release of my novel Blood Vine, set on a CA winery. All the characters from my novel Blood Vine made their recommendations. I'll definitely share if I make a good discovery!

  4. I'm going out to my local package store and looking for this TODAY.
    Because I need it -- NEED IT BADLY!! I tell you! Hysteria? Nono... just...
    Monday won't leave me and my Mercury won't come out of retrograde!

  5. Love this idea! I am writing these wines down and trying them. Hic!

  6. Christine - those are great suggestions - they are on "To Be Tasted" list

    Mary - you had me at Shiraz. I love a nummy Shiraz!

    Amber - I am going to have to go look at your December blog posts :)

    Pam - there is a reason I refer to wine as "writing juice" :)

    Lexi - hope we can generate a good list for you!