The Magic City

The Magic City

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Meet the 2015 Golden Heart Erotic Romance Finalists: Daring Dragonflies

These daring Dragonflies aren’t afraid of heat. They embrace it. It is my pleasure to introduce the 2015 Golden Heart® finalists in Erotic Romance:

“A Deal for Love” by Michele Arris

Michele loves dark chocolate , dessert wines. Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Scandal, Walking Dead, and Vikings.  She enjoys reading Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Judith Mcnaught, Johanna Lindsey, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. 
She is seeking representation.

“Indulge My Fantasy” by Caroline Bradley

When auto mechanic Grace Bennett finds the hottest actor in Hollywood stranded on a mountain road in a snowstorm, she’s not sure what to believe. In a snowed-in cabin, she gives in to her wildest fantasies, but she's well aware that all dreams have to end. But after one night together, Aaron Elias can’t get Grace out of his head. He brings her to Hollywood to experience his world of sports cars, Malibu beach houses, and movie magic. The Cinderella treatment is more than Grace ever imagined. Then she finds out why Aaron was really up in the mountains that day, and Aaron’s dream world brings back Grace’s nightmares. Grace and Aaron can't live in each other's worlds. Is this love or are they both just indulging their fantasies? 

Caroline Bradley is a single mom to two teenage boys. She wrote contemporaries for most of her life but now that she's tested the erotic romance waters, she's found there's a lot of fun to be had in giving up control. She's currently working on her second erotic romance project, with a third percolating in a Notes file, just itching to come out and play. The tagline to her website says it all: If you can't laugh in bed, you're doing it all wrong. 

Website: www . carolinebradley . net
Twitter: @CaroBradAuth

Caroline is currently unagented and working toward self publication, unless someone has better ideas. 

“Sorting Out the Kinks” by Elle Mason

Maddie Harper is NOT a submissive. Or at least that’s the lie she’s been telling herself since her twenties, back when a police raid at a play party highlighted the risks of indulging in her dark and exhibitionist fantasies. But vanilla is proving to be an unsatisfying flavor.

After a chance reunion with Andrew, a Dominant from her old BDSM scene, Maddie is shaken by something she hasn’t felt for over a decade—desire. He’s still the gentleman and bad boy she remembers, a man whose love of bondage once called to her like no other. She wonders if their meeting is a coincidence or wake-up call. Eager to experience the uninhibited relationship she’s always craved, she’s smitten when Andrew asks her out despite his insistence on dating without power roles. He requires they build trust to ensure she’s ready. After romantic—but chaste—dates, she hungers for more than kissing. She wants to kneel and serve. He unleashes his dominant side and ensnares more than her body with rope; he captures her heart.

But when their playtime at a fetish event threatens her privacy, resurrecting old fears, it’ll take more than what she feels for Andrew to keep from running again. She’ll have to make peace with the one person out to sabotage their relationship—herself.

Elle is a wife, mom of a preschooler and terrier, social worker, the person people seek for advice when visiting The Mouse, wannabe photographer, and a jokester. She’s lived in the West, Northeast, and has called South Florida home for the past ten years. In her relatively short history as a writer, she’s learned she has a thing for gerunds, British spelling of words (though American), and that she loves to write steamy sex scenes. 


  1. Thank you so much for hosting us!! I love these ladies!! (And it's not lost on any of us that the Erotic Category is a threesome!)

  2. Caroline, You crack me up! Wish you were here to go see Magic Mike XXL with me tonight. I'll be thinking of you three.

  3. Love this threesome (giggling madly) and I can't wait to read their stories in print. Have posted, now commenting and then I am off to tweet about it.

  4. Congrats to all three of you!! I'm so thrilled that Erotic Romance is being recognized by RWA, not just with the RITA this year, but also the Golden Heart!!! Rock that threesome, ladies!!

  5. Hello, I'm trying to find Michele Arris on Amazon. Does she pen under a different name?