The Magic City

The Magic City

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kira Sinclair's Pip Takes Over for #FuzzyFriday

So, technically Kira is my grandma not my mommy. But she keeps muttering something about being too young to be a grandma so...for today lets kinda pretend. She buys my treats after all so I try not to rock the boat unnecessarily. 

You know, I'm kind of a small, prickly thing. It's easy for people to take one look at me and think I've got this barbed outer shell and that I don't want to be bothered. That so isn't true. I flinch and hide, mostly because I'm always worried about getting stepped on or hurt. But on the inside I'm just a softy. In some ways, Knox McLemore, the hero is Kira's latest book, In Too Deep, reminds me of me. He's got a barbed outer shell as well, even if his protective layer doesn't consist of sharp quills.  Especially when Dr. Avery Walsh is around.  There's something about Avery that gets his hackles up...that makes his protective instincts just shoot straight out in the form of anger and irritation.

Maybe it's my small size or the fact that I can identify with him that lets me see beneath his sharp words to what's hidden beneath.  It's obvious, at least to me, that he's been hurt and instinctively flinches back from letting himself care about other people. What tough, ex-Navy SEAL would let the world know that? None, right. They're trained to be confident, capable and strong. To handle any problem or obstacle put in their path, even an irritating nautical archeologist who, with one word, could put the business that's come to mean so much to Knox in jeopardy.

What I find exceedingly funny is that if Avery would simply stop falling for his bluster then she'd realize that underneath the snide comments is a man who can't stop devouring her with his eyes. A man who wants her, even if it really isn't convenient. No one asked me, but I know they'd be perfect together if they could both just relax and draw back those spiny barbs. I know, it took me a little while to suppress my natural self-preservation instincts and let Kira's family close. But I'm so glad I did. I love spending time with her and the girls...especially when they give me watermelon and strawberries. I really wish Knox and Avery would figure out that it can be good to let people matter how scared you are.
So, have you ever encountered someone who you instinctively didn't get along with? How did you handle the situation? And did you learn later that your instincts were right or dead wrong?

In Too Deep

He didn't want to need her...

Trouble just walked onto Knox McLemore's ship - trouble with lush curves, red hair and an uptight attitude that both grates on his nerves and heats his blood.  But former Navy SEAL Knox knows all about control. Especially when this sexy nautical archaeologist is the only thing standing between his diving team's claim on a famous shipwreck...and utter ruin.

Dr. Avery Walsh is grateful her icy persona hides the effect intimidating (and way-too-hot) Knox has on her. For two people who don't trust - or even like - each other much, the physical chemistry between them is unbelievable. But getting in too deep with Knox is the last thing Avery needs. Because she has a job to do...and dark little secrets to hide.

Kira Sinclair writes emotional, passionate contemporary romances.  A double winner of the National Readers' Choice Award, her first foray into writing fiction was for a high school English assignment. Nothing could dampen her enthusiasm...not even being forced to read the love story aloud to the class. Writing about sexy heroes and strong women has always excited her. She lives with her two beautiful daughters in North Alabama. Kira loves to hear from readers at


  1. Pip is so freaking cute! Love the comparison to Knox. Will have to check out his and Avery's story. :-) Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks, Gwen! She is pretty adorable. We haven't had her long, but she's quickly become an important part of our family. I hope you enjoy In Too Deep!

    And thanks to Heather for inviting me and Pip over to play. :-)

  3. What a sweet pet! Thanks for introducing us.