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The Magic City

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meet the 2015 Golden Heart Short Contemporary Romance Finalists

Fall in love with this  flight of Dragonflies.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the 2015 Golden Heart Short Contemporary finalists:

Mia Sosa“At Her Service” by Mia Sosa

Ethan Hill's penchant for fast driving lands him in a Washington, D.C. courtroom, where a judge orders him to perform community service. His objectives are simple: get in, get out, and move on—without revealing his true identity. But Ethan isn't prepared for Graciela Ramirez, the captivating beauty who runs the community center where he's obligated to serve.

Gracie is tempted by the secretive man who's making a positive impact on her clients, but she has to focus on getting funding for her non-profit or its doors will close. What will she do when she discovers the man causing her sleepless nights is the CEO of the company that could save her charity? 

Mia J. Sosa was born and raised in New York. She attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Communications and met her own romantic hero, her husband.

Mia once dreamed of being a professional singer, but when she discovered she would have to perform on stage to realize that dream, she decided to take the LSAT instead.
Mia practiced First Amendment and media law in the nation's capital for ten years before returning to her creative roots. Now, she spends most of her days wearing PJs lounging wear and writing contemporary romances about smart women and the complicated men who love them. She and her family live in Maryland.

You can find Mia at and on Twitter at

Mary Oldham“A Night at the Rosemont” by Mary Oldham

Mary has been writing for eight years.  She started with journaling, and ended up writing a story about a woman who gets away with killing her ex-husband.  Her stories are sure to captivate you.  Her favorite authors are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lisa Gardner and LaVyrie Spencer.

Debra Moser“Waiting for Meggie” Debra Moser

Debra is married to the perfect hero.  She writes not only contemporary romance, but has also cozy mysteries and YA.  Her favorite romance is the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters.  This is her second Golden Heart nomination.

Seana KellyWelcome Home, Katie Gallagher” by Seana Kelly

KATE Gallagher is coming back to the only home she’s ever really known. She’s escaping from a husband who worked tirelessly to improve her, to make her the asset he deserved. Ten years of wearing away her will, washing out her color, and he still doesn't have the perfect trophy. When Kate learns that her husband never stopped dating, she calls a lawyer, herds her Newfoundland dog into an economy-sized rental, and heads across country to her late grandmother’s home in Bar Harbor, Maine. Kate wants to start over, to build a new life, but first she’ll have to contend with the police chief who never forgot her.

AIDEN Cavanaugh has been in love with Katie since that first summer she'd visited her grandmother. She'd been six years old and he thought she'd shone like she’d swallowed the sun. Every summer she’d return and with her the awkward, sweaty, heart-racing obsession of first love. But then one summer Katie didn’t come back and all the light and color ran out of his world.  Now Katie is back, complicating his empty but controlled life. He’s an adult now, a widower, and the chief of police. She shouldn’t still have this effect on him. Fortunately for Aiden, his protests are ignored by his matchmaking grandfather, who would love nothing better than bouncing red-headed great grandbabies on his knee. 

Seana Kelly writes contemporary romance and urban fantasy. By day, she’s a high school English teacher/librarian. Before dawn and on weekends, when she can shirk her parental and wifely responsibilities, She’s writing. Being dyslexic, reading and writing have never come easily to Seana but her love of both has made the struggle worth it. She is am un-agented and currently seeking representation.

You can find her at, @SeanaKellyRW, and on Facebook

“Winning Her Over” by Alexa Rowan

All massage therapist Brenna Johansen wants is to succeed on her own terms. Instead, she's struggling to keep her business afloat for another month and her dream alive. It’s a lonely, stressful existence, and she has no time for dating. Besides, the only men she meets are her clients, who are off limits. And most of them aren’t even cute. But her newest client, a hotshot attorney visiting Boston for a two-week trial, has her wondering if it's time to break some of her rules.

Cal Wilcox, Jr. has always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, a successful attorney. And after more late nights and cancelled vacations than he can count, he's finally on the verge of making partner at a prestigious law firm in Washington, D.C. He knows a long-distance relationship with a sweet, sexy masseuse could derail his career, but he can’t just walk away, either. So they burn up the sheets on his last night in town, and now he's hooked.

He persuades her they both need the same thing—casual sex, no strings attached. But Brenna soon longs for more than Cal is willing to give her. When he realizes too late she means more to him than the partnership, can he win her over again—this time, for good?

An attorney by day, Alexa Rowan squeezes in as much writing time as she can for her steamy, intelligent contemporary and paranormal romances. WINNING HER OVER, a 2015 Golden Heart® finalist, is the first book in Alexa's sizzling hot series portraying smart, ambitious heroes and heroines struggling with realistic conflicts as they seek love, success, and that elusive work-life balance.

Alexa lives in a leafy New England suburb with her husband, two energetic children, five backyard chickens, a dumb but adorable cairn terrier, and a female leopard gecko named Fred. An avid romance reader, Alexa also enjoys hiking, table-top gaming, and planning hypothetical future home renovation projects her husband will probably balk at.

You can connect with Alexa via her website (, and on Twitter (@alexa_rowan), Facebook, and Pinterest.


  1. So glad to hear your personal stories, ladies, as well as learn more about your GH entries! Such talent!!!

    Counting the days until we all meet!


    Arlene ~

    1. These Dragonflies are going to soar!

  2. Seana, I judged this book in a contest a few years ago and I have to tell you it stuck with me as being amazing. I'm not a huge fan of first person but I have to say you did it so seamlessly that I didn't even realize it was first person until they switched POV to the hero. I wish you the best of luck with this ms because I would so love to read the rest of the story. And it takes place in my favorite place in the world, Bar Harbor!! All good stuff!

  3. Alexa, your story sounds fabulous. Can't wait to read it! Good luck and I'll see you soon!

  4. Congrats, you guys! Isn't it something fabulous to have finished a novel that you can be proud of? They sound like fun.