The Magic City

The Magic City

Friday, July 3, 2015

Woof To You Too by Pepper and Gravy Flynn for #FuzzyFriday

Pet me.

No, really. Pet. Me.

Dont make me repeatedly nudge you with my paw. Pet me.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thats much better.

So, Im Pepper Flynn and this is my best friend Gravy.

*Gravy cocks head.* Play?

Not right now. We have to talk to these people about the crucial role we play in how our person, Avery Flynn, gets her work done.

*Gravy whines.* Play?

I think one of the Flynn kids left a Lego out. Go find it.

*Gravy sprints away.* Play!!!

Anyway, now that shes gone, we can get down to brass tacks.

Gravys job is to sleep under Averys desk and stretch out so she lays on top of Averys feet. If she didnt do this, Averys toes would fall off because her office is in the basement and is pretty much freezing all the time. While Avery doesnt type with her toes, she gets grumpy when she gets too cold and ends up cursing at her glowing typing pad.

My job is to jump up on my hind legs and pat her with my front paws if shes in her office chair for too long. If I didnt do this, she would never go outside and see the sunshine. She cant type out there, but she gets all bleary eyed and mumbles a lot about fictional people otherwise.

*Gravy wanders back into the office chewing the last bit of a Lego.* Nap.

Oh no. I can hear here coming down the stairs. *sniffs* Yep, shes got coffee. Gotta go but dont worry readers, well keep her working hard!

Until next time, keep petting me.


  1. What a sweet pair! It's a good thing they keep us from becoming part of our chairs.

  2. What awesome fur-babies!