The Magic City

The Magic City

Friday, July 31, 2015

Author Annie Adams' Fur Baby Wilson Arranges #FuzzyFriday with Floral Flair

My name is Wilson. I’m a yellow Lab, technically speaking, but my mom describes me as cream colored, like a Vendela Rose, whatever that means. A few weeks ago, the doorbell rang at my house, I barked like I’m supposed to and the humans I lived with opened the door. A stranger, a woman stood at the door and it was love at first sight. I jumped up on her and half an hour later I let the new stranger take me to her house and I’ve lived there ever since.

I also go to work at the flower shop with her and Daddy every day. What a strange place. Every day, there’s a guy named Keith who backs his big truck up to the front door and Mom goes outside and looks in the truck and then comes back with her arms full of flowers. I like to walk directly under those flowers so I can do a smell inspection. I have to be sure to stay no more than six inches away from her legs as she walks, that way I’m in optimum range for keeping my nose in everything. Got to stay on top of things! My mom seems kind of uncoordinated. She’s always tripping over me as I help her in with the flowers. Lots of strangers come in and out every day to take flowers away with them. I try so hard not to bark at them, because I know my mom and dad don’t like it. I just wish they would let me do my job!

I’m really working on trying not to pull my mom or dad too hard on the leash when I walk them. They’re just so slow! The other day, Mom left a sandwich out on the design table at work for me. I politely waited until she answered the phone, and then once again, for politeness’ sake, I stealthily stood on my hind legs and strenuously reached for the sandwich with my teeth. I swallowed it whole to keep down the mess of crumbs. I try so hard to be thoughtful; I have to wonder why my mom put the sandwich in a place that was so hard for me to reach. I guess she just gets distracted with all the things going on at once. At times like those I wish my humans could speak dog like everyone else.

I love to lay my head on my mom’s lap when she sits at the desk to write or on her foot when she stands at the computer at work or uses her laptop. I think she’s writing books when we do this. She’s working on a novella right now. It’s about a mystery that happens at a New Year’s Eve party. Lots of other authors are going to put their stories in with hers and they will sell it in October. Mom also writes The Flower Shop Mystery Series and right now she’s working on the fourth book in the series. I understand there’s a new dog in those books, but I’m sure he’s not half the flower shop dog that I am. I think Mommy’s books are funny. They tell the story of Quincy McKay, who is a florist with a wacky delivery driver named K.C. They solve mysteries and get in a lot of trouble. Quincy’s love interest is a cop named Alex. I admit I have a bit of a dog crush on him.

After we go home, we’ll work in the yard. I don’t know how they did it without me! Then, Mommy will go into her room and work on her books while I go to bed and dream about another sandwich at the flower shop.

Wilson's mom, Author Annie Adams, writes cozy mysteries with a kick of romance.  She is the author of the ARRANGEMENTS series.  When not writing, she can be found arranging flowers or delivering them in her own Zombie Delivery Van.  She's a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Utac chapter of RWA (URWA) and the Kiss of Death chapter of RWA (KOD).
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  1. Dogs and arrangements--a beautiful combination!

  2. What a cutie! Labs are such good companions. My sister had two lab mixes and they are very sweet!

  3. Wilson is precious! Can't wait to read Annie's books.

  4. Thanks, Chris, Diane, and Joan. Sorry for the late reply, the flowers kind of took over life for a while. I appreciate your comments.

    Best Wishes,