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The Magic City

Friday, June 5, 2015

Buford of BookEnds Literary Agency Takes Over #FuzzyFriday with his Human Jessica Faust

Buford loves to sink his teeth into a good mystery
J-Dog is thrilled to welcome the best nose in the literary world, Buford of BookEnds Literary Agency to #FuzzyFriday!  Check out this great interview between him and his human Jessica Faust: 

They say Buford is a St. Bernard mix, but we at BookEnds are a little skeptical. With a head and smile like that we’re thinking there’s a little more Pit to that mix. 

Since Buford isn’t much of a writer (although the neighbors will argue that he’s quite the talker, er barker), he’s opted to answer some questions instead of free-writing his own post. Of course, let’s be honest, it’s because Jessica Faust (his person) is too lazy to think of anything off the cuff and answering questions is easier.

What is his human currently reading?

The Yard by Alex Grecian. She’s been on a historical mystery kick lately (well for the last two books).

What was the most recent thing he did to get in trouble?

Wandered off. Buford is a wanderer and there have been a few times he’s escaped the fenced-in yard. As any pet owner knows, this is terrifying, especially terrifying since he seems to go deaf the minute he finds freedom. 

Early one morning Buford took himself for a little walk. Almost immediately we sent out search parties, and after 30 minutes and still no sign of the lug we posted alerts on Facebook and notified Home Safe, his microchip service (everyone should have this by the way). Another 15-20 minutes went by and we still had no clue where he could have gone. We were starting to wonder what to do next, we needed to get going on our day and, understandably, panic was setting in. Just as we picked up the phone to call the police another call came in. I knew immediately he had been found. Apparently our dear sweet 75-lb, giant-headed dog went on quite an adventure. He made friends with one neighbor’s toddler before leaving her behind to chase another neighbors’s cat straight into the house while the poor mother was trying to get her three children organized for school. 

By the time we got there to retrieve him, three different families were giving him love in the driveway, the police had shown up and I’m pretty sure that cat might never feel safe again.

What are his observations of an agent’s process?

Mostly he snores and curls up under Beth’s feet. He does get really excited when a new box of books arrives thinking it’s a box full of snacks. 

Buford does spend most of the day in the office with us, it’s the perk of owning a Literary Agency. If I had to see what we do from his perspective I imagine he wonders why we stare at these screens all day and tap these little keys. Much of the day is spent with email, reading and phone calls to discuss things like edits, marketing plans, contracts and other things that any good dog would find horribly tedious. 

What does he think his agency may be looking or in submissions?

Buford knows for a fact that the best thing any querying author can do is read the agency’s submission guidelines:

That being said, the most exciting thing happening at BookEnds right now is the addition of our newest agent Moe Ferrara. That means there are now five agents at BookEnds, all hungry for a variety of work.

  • Jessica Faust is open to all submissions in mystery, thrillers and suspense including, but not limited to, psychological thrillers, historical mystery, cozies, romantic suspense, YA thrillers and anything with a strong female protagonist. She’s also looking for contemporary YA, sports-themed romance, and women’s fiction. All other genres are accepted by referral only.
  • Kim Lionetti is open to all submissions in historical and contemporary romance, women's fiction, cozy mysteries, and contemporary new adult fiction and young adult fiction.
  • Jessica Alvarez is looking for romance (but no paranormal at this time, please), romantic suspense, female-focused erotica, and women's fiction.
  • Moe Ferrara is interested in fiction for adults, young adults, and the middle-grade reader. She's particularly looking for all subsets of science fiction and fantasy, contemporary or historical romance, and LGBTQ romance.
  • Beth Campbell is accepting submissions in urban fantasy, science fiction, YA (no middle grade), suspense, romantic suspense, and mystery. She is particularly interested in stories with diverse characters across all the above genres.

Why does Buford think readers should buy some recent releases from BookEnds authors (besides the obvious fact that pet treats aren’t cheap)?

Vet bills are worse.

Do I need to come up with a reason other than the fact that they are great books? 

BookEnds represents such a varied group of authors and genres. It makes it fun for us and for readers. 

Why should people should find their fur family members at shelters like St. Hubert's?

Because they are the most amazing dogs ever. Buford is Jessica’s third rescue. Each was distinctive and wonderful. Sweet, loving dogs who only needed homes. 

I’ve long been a very strong advocate of adopt don’t buy and Buford is just another example of why this is so important to me. All three of my dogs were in tough situations (born to a mother rescued from a fighting ring, found wandering the streets of Newark, and trapped in a Newark shelter). All were rescued by people and organizations who cared and cared enough to find not just any home, but the right home. Sure Buford wanders occasionally, but I can’t guarantee another dog wouldn’t do the same and, frankly, I couldn’t ask for a better dog to spend my day with. Just ask Beth Campbell. She’s a cat person through and through and yet spends every day with Buford curled on her feet. Literally on her feet.

Despite this adorable post, Buford cannot read or write and, frankly, has no interest in submissions. He does however love the taste of a good paperback mystery.


  1. Loved it! And the name Buford...perfect!

    1. Buford knows how to sniff out a great story!

  2. He's adorable and I love his sense of adventure. At my office, we have a cat who keeps us company and I absolutely think rescue animals deserve a happy place.

    1. I would love an office cat. The fun I could have. I'm with you on rescue animals - there are so many wonderful animals with unconditional love to offer. They all deserve good forever homes.

  3. Aw, he's adorable! My sister does Pitty rescue. The stories...oof. Her dearly departed Lance was a bait dog left for dead in a fighting pit, and a more affectionate dog you cannot imagine. He, too, was a foot-sitter. Animals' capacity to love is just amazing.

    And if I may ask a question of Buford...who's a good boy? Who is a GOOD BOY? Is it you? Is it? It is! Yes it is! Good boy.

    1. Jessica, you crack me up! Pit Bulls are so misunderstood. They have big paws, but even bigger hearts.

  4. Calvin and Mini-Me agree. Paperbacks are comfort chews. Come to the beach for a play date!

    1. Can't wait for everyone to meet Calvin & Mini-Me!

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