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The Magic City

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sundance's Sidewalk Preview of Love Between the Covers

Hi y'all!  I'm Sundance, J-Dog's little brother (my nickname is Outlaw). He normally doesn't let me near the computer, but since he has some new mice-mice, I was able to sneak in some keyboard time. As a big fan of independent movies, I'm here to let y'all know about a great film that will be showcased this weekend at Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival.

As y'all know, J-Dog's and my mom, big-loud-blonde-lady who-has-the-thumbs-to-open-cans-of-wet-food writes romance ("big blonde lady" for short). Romance fans are voracious readers. It is one of the best selling genres out there. Who doesn't love a happily every after? I sure do, especially if it involves me catching that blasted red dot.

Anyway, Love Between the Covers is an amazing documentary about the unbelievable community of romance writers. Surgeons. Lawyers. Homemakers. Librarians. Physicists. You name it - every walk of life is represented among this group of hard-working ladies. You've met a bunch of them through J-Dog's #FuzzyFridays.

If you're an aspiring writer or someone who loves reading a story that will always deliver a "happily every after," you must watch Love Between the Covers. You will be inspired by the determination and dedication these authors devote to their stories and fans. There is nothing like the romance community, and Love Between the Covers lets you be a part of it.

Per Sidewalk's schedule, the film will air Saturday, August 29, from 1:15 to 2:38 at the ASFA Lecture Hall.

Here is the synopsis from the Sidewalk website:

The romance novel, often casually spotted in the hands of a woman on the subway or on a grandmother's shelf amongst hundreds of titles is an easily dismissed genre. However, to many, it's more than a paltry fictional category, it's a lifestyle . . . one that yields a reading speed of 3 to 5 books a week. This rapidly consumed genre is largely responsible for keeping the book industry alive. Love Between the Covers uncovers the camaraderie behind the romance novel's authors and readers and the fight for deserved respect in the world of book snobs.

-  Hallie Tarpley

Watch the trailer:

Every time, the big blonde lady watches this, she screams out who her friends our. She must really love that Manda Collins lady because she whoops every time she comes up in the trailer.

Check out Love Between the Covers this weekend at Sidewalk. There are so many great films, it is hard to choose which to see. This one is Sundance, the Outlaw, approved. For more information on film festival tickets, go to:  


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