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The Magic City

Friday, August 21, 2015

White Hot #FuzzyFriday with Lily and Lulu

Lily & Lulu take over Fuzzy Friday and leave white hair all over your black pants…

J-Dog is thrilled to introduce you to Lily White and Lulu white, award-winning author Meda White's fur babies. Their Southern charm shines on this #FuzzyFriday.

“Hey, y’all. I’m Lily White, firstborn furbaby of award-winning author Meda White, or as I like to call her, Mama Meda, yip-yip, or the lady trying to hide a pill in my cheese. She rescued me from hot, humid Florida and brought me to hot, humid Alabama. Yeehaw! That’s a word I learned after meeting my mama.”

“Howdy. I’m Lulu White and I let my sista, Lily, think she’s the firstborn because she found Mama Meda first, but I’m on my third or fourth life now. A country kitty like me tends to lose count after a while…and teeth. Geriatric. Pfft. I’ll claw that vet’s eyeballs out the next time I see ‘im. The dirt roads of rural Georgia made me tough. But having a mama who’s a writer has educated me beyond my wildest mouse-filled dreams.”

“So, we have to make this quick because Mama went to teach her yoga class and left her computer on. We hijacked it, but Lulu has to type for me because she has smaller paws.” Lily pats Lulu on the head.

After a lightning fast head shake and short hiss, Lulu continues, “You can’t even read, much less type.”

“Shows how much you know, my feline companion. Don’t make me gnaw on your face in public.” Lily offers an evil grin.

“Stop trying to show off. We’re here to promote Mama Meda because, admittedly, she kinda stinks at patting herself on the back.”

“So true. Her first Southland Romance just won an award.” Lily licks her paw.

“That trophy is heavy as all get out. I’d hate to knock it off the shelf and have it fall on your head, sister. It could kill you dead, and unlike me, you only have the one life.” Lulu licks her shoulder.

“Alrighty then, old gal.” Lily huffs a short laugh. “Since you weren’t living here when she wrote that one, let me tell you, you’re so lucky. My sleep schedule was all jacked up. She’d be up writing or revising at three in the morning.”

“What’s the big deal? I’m up running laps at that time.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I learned to close the bedroom door, so you don’t wake our dad up.”

“That’s you?” Lulu squints an eye at Lily. “You’re smarter than I thought.”

Lily pants with a big grin. “Thanks. Anyway, Mama got the idea for the start of that story when she and dad were knocking down the old deck. For Play With My Heart, it’s kinda like the meet cute. When Ian sees Liz for the first time.”

“Since loud noises make you run for soft beds and tight spaces by toilets, I bet you loved that.”

“Hey. PTSD is a real thing. You have no idea where I was rescued from.” Lily pouts, staring off into the distance.

“Let’s give her a moment, folks.” Lulu rolls her eyes and yawns. “I’ve been at Casablanca, ahh, that’s a fancy name for The White House, long enough to know about the late nights Mama Meda spends in front of the computer. Those are the best times because the lightweight over there,” she glances at Lily, “is dead to the world, and I have Mama all to myself. Her lap is the best. Especially, when she’s on the desktop computer. I have a problem with that laptop and I might pee on it one day.”

“If you like those tasty treats she spoils you with, you’ll rethink that plan, Sista.” Lily lulls her tongue to one side. “That laptop is our drib and dribble, kit and kibble, doodle and caboodle.”

“For the record,” Lulu’s whole body shivers, “Lily’s the only one here who eats doodles. Just sayin’.”

“What? Is there something wrong with that?”

“So much.” Lulu shakes her head. “I happen to be a fan of the latest book, Fool With My Heart. Johnny Baker is my hero.”

“Oh, girl. Ruff. I know you’re right. He’s a good guy and loves animals.”

“All the Bakers love animals, and I’m feeling a little slighted that there’s not even a stray barn cat at Southland.” Lulu drops her jaw and stares at nothing.

“Hey, there’s a cat under Lacy’s trailer house. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah. I knew I liked Lacy. She’s the best.” Lulu attempts to grin by curling her upper lip.

“And she came from hard beginnings, kinda like me. I can relate to her so much.”

Lulu nuzzles Lily with her head. “I know, Sister. Let it out.” A furious shake. “Don’t drool on me though. Ick. Darnit-all. Now I need another bath.”

“Later. Mama needs us to help her sell some books. All of the books are wonderful, and we’re not biased or anything. The Southland Romance Series is based on a fictional family called the Bakers.”

“Yeah, they’re kinda like the Brady Bunch in boots and blue jeans, and Southland is the name of the family ranch, where they have all kinds of animals. Except a barn cat.” Lulu coughs up a hairball.

“Well the dogs are bulldogs because the family all went to the University of Georgia. I mean, how unoriginal is that? Adopt a collie, people. Go, SEC football.” Lily actually barks, which resembles Sanford Stadium on game day.

“My tiny, sensitive ears can’t take much more of this.” Lulu rotates said body parts several degrees. “Here’s my advice; buy the book, read it, then leave an honest review somewhere. My potbelly and I thank you very much.”

“Yeah, give ‘em the links, sista.”

“Okay, but these are a pain to copy and paste. I mean, this mouse pad is a little squirrely.”

“Squirrel!” Lily disappears down the stairs.

“It’s a good thing Mama Meda can count on me. I’m hoping for some serious cuddle time after all this.” Lulu sticks her tongue out while she copies and pastes. “Here you go. If you have a Kindle, try this one: If you have an iPad, try this one: And, if you have a Nook, go here:

“I’m back. What did I miss?” Lily paces side to side. “Did you tell them they’ll love the book? Did ya? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

“I love my sister.” Lulu sighs. “I really do. Mainly because my mama’s trying to teach me to love everybody. But I refuse to love that ugly orange cat that jumped me last week. Scared the crap out of me. Literally. But don’t worry, Lily ate it.” Lulu rolls on her back and wallows a second. “Just kidding.”

“Thanks for visiting with us, and thanks to Ms. Heather for hosting. For more on all of the books, check out Mama Meda’s website at . We love y’all, and don’t forget to pet your favorite fur baby.”

“Treats are awesome! Hashtag share the love. I need a nap, Lily.”

“I’m with you. Lulu. Happy nappy!”


  1. I can't believe what these little critters do when I'm not looking. Lol. Thanks for #sharingthelove Heather. Hugs from me and icky tongue licks from Lily and Lulu.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm thinking we need a pet-friendly Southern Magic meeting in the future

    2. Can y'all imagine crates of furbabies on the lower floor of the Homewood library? Oh, boy.

  3. LOL! Too funny. Now I need to quit messy around and go and buy that book. Can't wait!

    1. Girl, I have to tell you what I read today. You're gonna laugh so hard.